WELCOME to a WIDE RANGE SYSTEM of REPEATERS covering corridors of Highways:

I-20, I-30 & I-49, US 59, US 67, US 70, US 71, US 80, US 82, US 259, US 271, US 278 & US 371

TX 8, TX 11, TX 31, TX 43, TX 49, TX 77, TX 155 & TX 300

AR 4, 24, 27, 29 & 32 HIGHWAYS


We are a group of amateur radio operators offering expanded communications during inclement weather coordinating with NWS SKYWARN for advanced weather notification to our communities. This service is provided for use to amateur radio operators of the Four States Area: NE Texas, SW Arkansas, NW Louisiana and SE Oklahoma. Our repeater system currently consists of nine full time connected repeaters, 145.170 - 100 Hz at Caddo Lake in Karnack, TX, 145.310 - 100 Hz in Atlanta, Texas, 145.390 - 100 Hz Barkman Creek in Texarkana, 146.640 - 136.5 Hz in Longview, TX, 146.840 - 100 Hz in Marietta, TX, 147.045 + 107.2 Hz in Nashville, AR, 444.425 + 100 Hz in Texarkana, TX, 147.360 + 100 Hz and 443.200 +100 at Karnack. Coming Soon 147.110 in Sulphur Springs and 147.760 in Shreveport, LA.

The HUB of our system is Cusetta Mountain 146.840 - 100 PL, which is the the highest point in nine Texas counties. This location provides the center of our Link capability system. This location also features a Remote Base Radio, a radio remotely controlled or activated that is connectable on demand with other area repeaters. Additional features are Automatic Hazardous Weather Notification, battery and solar backup power. Other connection abilities coming in the future

The Freedom Link Group was formed in the summer of 2014 by amateur radio operators Steven Smith W5YME, Jim Collom N5YU and our wives Linda W5OME and JoAnn KB5SQL.

Our coverage area continues to expand with our Link Partners that have joined the system. We are honored to have the R.A.C.C. (Radio Amateurs of Cass County), the L.E.T.A.R.C (Longview East Texas Amateur Radio Club and the H.E.A.R. (Howard County Emergency Amateur Radio Club) serving in the Freedom Link System.

Our goal is to SAVE LIVES by providing advanced weather warning and expanded communication range for area amateur radio operators. If our system can provide advanced notification of hazardous weather in time to save one life, then all our efforts have been worthwhile. In addition to weather warning, our system is open to all licensed amateurs to use for expanded area radio communications during non-threatening weather.


When in range of one of the Freedom Group connected repeaters, you simply enter the repeater frequency, offset and PL tone into your radio of the nearest repeater and you will communicate with the full area of the Freedom Group FULL TIME CONNECTED Repeaters. In other words, the system is like ONE WIDE AREA REPEATER. If traveling, simply plot your travel route in relation to our repeaters. As readability lowers, simply switch to the next Freedom Link Repeater in your path. We hope to have a more detailed coverage map soon to assist you in your communication frequency selections.

For those that have been following the growth of the Freedom Ling Group, we have simplified the current format of the system. (No PL tone changes required) At some point there may be some instructional needs to connect with an outside repeater, but for this point in time the process is as easy as connecting to any repeater. All connections currently are 100% connections and are via RF (Radio Frequency) connection.

Thank You for coming on board with the Freedom Link and we hope this system enhances your communication needs.

Our Repeaters

Freq. CTCSS Offset Call
145.110 100.0 -600 KHz WX5FL Sulphur Springs,TX
145.170 100.0 -600 KHz WX5FL Karnack, TX [Pickin's Hill-Caddo Lake]
145.310 100.0 -600 KHz WX5FL Atlanta, TX [Springdale]
145.370 136.5 -600 KHz W5WVH Tyler, TX
145.390 100.0 -600 KHz WX5FL Texarkana, TX [Barkman Creek]
145.450 136.5 -600 KHz WX5FL Kilgore, TX
145.470 136.5 -600 KHz WX5FL Avinger, TX
[Lake O' The Pines Water Plant Tower]
146.640 136.5 -600 KHz K5LET Longview, TX [East Mountain]
146.760 186.2 -600 KHz N5SHV Shreveport, LA [Downtown]
146.840 100.0 -600 KHz WX5FL Marietta, TX [Cussetta Mountain]
146.900 100.0 -600 KHz WX5FL Huffines / Mcleod, TX
147.045 107.2 +600 KHz KC5TSZ Nashville, AR [Yates Tower]
147.100 136.5 +600 KHz WX5FL Quitman, TX
147.360 151.4 +600 KHz WX5FL Pittsburg, TX [Midway]
443.200 100.0 +5 MHz WX5FL Karnack, TX [Pickens Hill-Caddo Lake]
444.425 100.0 +5 MHz WX5FL Texarkana, TX [Barkman Creek]

Updated February 20, 2017

"100% RF Connected Full Time Linked Repeater System "